Wood Plastic

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Wood Plastic Composite material

Our product

Wood-plastic composite materials are made of wood plastic and some specific additives. Wood-plastic products are eco-friendly. Wood-plastic composite profiles have both the beauty, variety of colors and strengths of wood and the impermeability against moisture is resistant against fungus and insects and is completely recyclable. It also is fire-resistant.


The eco-friendly culture

Advanced industrial countries are changing their consumption patterns. One of these changes are about changing the use of wood materials (which isn’t good for the planet due to heavy deforestations) and the use of plastic materials (who are very pollutant) into the use of plastic materials’ waste combined with cellulosic waste.


Product features:

Impermeable to water

Affordable price (specially compared to other wood-based products)

Easy to install



Long lasting and easy to maintain

Thermal insulation and noise isolating

Corrosive and weather resistant

No asperities nor splinters

Slip resistant

Resistant to insects and fungus


Non using toxic chemicals (like formaldehyde gas)

100% recyclable


Where do we use it?


Outdoor and indoor flooring, installation and flooring of swimming pools, baths saunas, Jacuzzis…

Wall covering

Facades, doors and garage doors, stairs, ceilings, false ceiling, roof ducts and drains

Terraces, backyards, balconies and railings

Fences, partitions, blinds and shutters

Pavilions, pergola, beach roof shelters, parking, canopies and porch

Table and benches, garden and park lights, trashcans and other street furniture

Flower boxes

Road signs and billboards

School equipment


Natural wood

Wood-plastic composite

Resistance against moisture and humidity

Sensible to water


Resistance to rot and decay



Risk of crack



Need of maintenance or paint

Requires periodic maintenance

No need for maintenance or repairs

Resistance to UV



Color stability

Color change

In accordance with ASTM G-154-12

Useful life

3 to 5 years

15 to 20 years

Environmental impact



Competitive price

More expansive than Wood Plastic

Cheaper than wood